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Here is a series of Emails I had last august with a Registered Sex Offender. Judge for yourself if you think the state was so clever to make it a crime for any registered sex offender to use the "meganslaw" web page. They are such asses! I can find registered Sex offenders by going on Craigslist, and yes I would like to talk with as many of them as possible.

Not all sex offenders are actully guilty of a sexuall crime, a suprise I am sure to most people, and it is our duty to protect citizens from abuse at the hands of the government. The fact that I am personally affected by the oppression of the bigoted and pathetically insecure jerks in the state assembly, does not mean that what I am doing to expose the truth about californias sex offender law lacks much value to humanity as any civil rights issue.

Murderers, Thieves, wife beaters, drunk drivers, pose much greater risk to society than most sex offender and of course some registered sex offenders such as myself do not pose any identifiabe risk to society, we are made to register because the laws we violated are rooted in religious morality, a unification of church and state that is not to be tolerated in a free society.

Crimminalizing conduct that at worst can only "annoy" bigoted jerks who can't just leave others people alone to their own buiseness is the codification of ill-nature. I get in a bad mood too and get sick of many things, including being asked for change by dead beats, but that doesn't mean I want my anger and annoyance codified to crimminalize people so that they cannot express their needs to others who may not feel so annoyed as I do and out of compassion share their money with the needy.

This is essentailly the same circumstance that has people being arrested for Cal P.C. 647(a) lewd conduct and in my oppinion even indecent exposure 314(1).

Indecent exposure can occure in so many settings and in so many ways, it is absolutely hidious that all such people convicted of this innocuous act should be forced to go to prison and then get out and register as a sex offender for life.

The legislature pulls alot of theories out of there ass when it comes to justifying their punishments for crimes.

Why for instance is it the case that most people in prison for 25 years to life have never commited a single violent act in their life?

This law was promoted as a way to keep child-sexual rapists and murderers like their poster child Richard allen Davis, off the streets, but instead it has predominantly petty theives and people who had drugs like cocain on them.

The legislature justifies this brutalizing treatment of our citizens by claiming that "most of these crimminals have gotten away with much worse crimes we don't know of and their crimes will continue to excalate in severity." All of this is un-supported by any set of facts taken over a large number of convicts, it is only supported by anectdotal instances such as the Blatent exploitation of Richard Allen Davis case where he was out of prison and killed Polly Klass.

If Polly were alive today I am sure she would not be so mean spirited to want shop lifters entombed in a living hell for a quarter of a century.

We will always have poor people and theives are like the trees and plants, you just assume they are there and live around them, you don't bury them alive!

At any rate this it what has happened, with sex offender registration, from its inception it was designed to make sexual "deviants" such as homosexuals and outwardly sexually playful people place themselves on a database so that police could keep tabs on them.

At its inception in 1947 it had little to do with protecting the public because the actual sex crimes like rape and child molestation played a role no more severe than the gay man who was tricked by a cop at the park who seemed to know all the gay code signals and entrapped him into soliciting sex in the public restroom. REGISTER AS A SEX OFFENDER YOU GAY THREAT TO SOCIETY!!! FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE YOU THREAT TO WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!! IF YOU DON"T WE WILL LOCK YOU UP IN PRISON YOU GAY DANGER!!! This is how it began and today it is even worse!